What is Art code?

It has long been known that the documentation of art history contributes to the value and providence of an artwork or collection, Art Code® has the capability to do this along with a great many other benefits in relation to the security and ownership of your artworks.

Art Code® is a security cataloging and certification system which gives you greater proof of ownership and security for your valuable art collection. It is a central digital location where you can store all the associate information relating to your artwork. General details including, artist statement through to work specifications, proof of purchase, photographs of the work, insurance certificate and other documentation can be secured to the record. Each artwork is assigned a unique identity code which has four separate methods of artwork identification.

  • Online Art Code record, which has an additional four levels of security access.
  • Barcode – the barcode can be scanned
  • QR code – when scanned will take you directly to the general access record. This is excellent for exhibitions as the artist statement and other ‘general’ details can be seen without logging into the system.
  • Optional Microtechnology – your unique Art Code is embedded in data dots which are held on an adhesive patch. The code is undetectable by naked eye. It is near impossible to remove or hide the data dots. This adds an additional 4th level of security and identification to your artwork. Find out more

Art Code Certification features unique benefits for art collectors, artists and the various businesses involved in the art world. To see the art certification, which benefits your situation, selecting the link below that best describes your involvement in the art world:

Art creators:

  • Artists
  • commercial studios
  • Art centres

Art investors

  • Art owner, private collectors
  • Museums, institutes and foundations
  • Universities and educational institutes
  • Government art collections

Artist representatives

  • Artist’s agents
  • Galleries
  • Art prizes
  • Auction houses
  • Interior decorators and architects

Art world suppliers

  • Art industry suppliers, framers, art movers,
  • Insurance companies and agents
  • Security firms and anti fraud enforcement agencies

Art publishers

  • Art historians, journals and publishers
  • Other

Art Code provides benefits at each stage of an artworks history, from entry point as an artist certifying their work, through galleries and agents representation and on to the collector. As the artwork moves through each stage, editorial contribution can be made to the work’s history for the benefit of all. But most of all it contributes to two main factors, security and value. Editorial is the enemy of the fraudster.

Artists can include artist statements

Galleries can bolster their reputation with certified works

Collectors feel safe they are getting what they paid for.