Art Publishers

Art publishers:

Art Historians, Journals and Publishers

As art historians, journalists and publishers, Art Code provides you access to a wealth of information relating to Artists and their portfolio of works. As a member you can gain access to this reputable source of information. View artist profiles, contact artist’s agents to view works and exhibitions online.

Become a member

In three simple steps

  1. Select Plan & Enter Personal Information.
  2. Enter the descriptions of the works of art.
  3. Print a Certificate for each and sign.

Regular Membership plan

Regular membership is perfect for individuals or organisations who will only occasionally interact, register or transfer ownership of artworks.

  • $20 per title registration
  • $0 per title transfer

Professional Membership plan

Professional membership offers you Unlimited artwork registrations & transfers and is ideal for anyone who will regularly interact, register or transfer ownership of artworks.

  • $150 for 10 title registrations
  • $1500 per year 150  title registrations

Optional Increase security with ID dots

ID dots are microtechnology encoded with your unique Art Code registration number. For an additional fee you receive a adhesive patch embedded with the ID dots. The Art Code number is not visible by the naked eye however you can view the number when you magnify it 65 times. Then enter this code into the Art Code search field and the general access record for this artwork will come up.

  • ID dots $40 per kit