Artist representatives

Artist representatives:

Artist’s Agents, Galleries, Art Prizes, Auction Houses, Interior Designers and Architects.

Galleries will find great value in Art Code®

  • Art Code Registered art is likely to sell faster and to command higher prices.
  • Enhances value, increases cachet, makes customers more comfortable with their purchase.
  • Increases customers’ confidence when buying reputable fine art.
  • Documents provide authenticity and value for insurance purposes; including photos and supporting paperwork included on the Cloud.
  • Creates off-site records stored securely online in the case of art loss.
  • You can print a distinctive certificate of ownership as an enhanced selling tool.
  • Print a 3″ x 3″ price card showing registration.
  • Track your inventory with detailed records.
  • Use the text box to note when a work goes out to a show or other location
  • Avoid misunderstandings with artists over price and inventory.
  • Give customers the benefits of Art Code Registered art when you transfer the ownership title.
  • Provide provenance for future owners and include your business name in the art history.
  • Plus — Get Special Benefits as an Artist’s Representative!

When an artist registers a work, your email address can be entered on the record to designate you as the agent. A duplicate of the registration record created by the artist then shows up in your portfolio under the heading “Art Agent Listings.”

  • When an artwork is on the market, the description and asking price becomes available in general search information and once the work is sold, it is only accessible to the new owner, Artist and Artist’s representative.
  • You can transfer the title to the buyer when an artwork is sold and the artist/owner is notified automatically.
  • When you transfer an artwork, ownership title and registration records can be transferred to the buyer, the system sends you, the new owner and the artist an email showing the date and amount of sale.
  • The registration record goes out of your portfolio and the artist’s and into the portfolio of the happy buyer.

Begin provenance for future owners and include in the text box any background you want to record  — including your name as the source of desirable art.

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