From a Gallery:

“Registration will help reinforce the significance and value of an artwork.  It adds professionalism, and gives everyone more security as well as adding value. International registration provides buyers with additional confidence in the global world I’m dealing in. I think they will welcome the additional security measures to safeguard their artworks too.”

From an Insurance Broker:

“I recommend registration to all my clients. Insurance claim settlements are never easy and good record keeping isn’t always a given.  This gives my clients peace of mind that their assets are protected as it’s all there on the cloud and its existence is recorded.”   

From an Art Collector:

 “I have now registered all my artworks and applied the extra optional security measures where they’re warranted.  I appreciate the confidentiality and security of the information being stored in my own private data base on the cloud too.”

From an Artist:

“I think this is very complementary to the art registry.  It helps legitimise my work and gives it a professional edge.  It’s also a good tracking system for consignments.”