Privacy & Security


  • Art Code will not reveal sensitive information to any external organization unless required by law.
  • All information is kept according to strict standards of security and confidentiality.
  • Art Code will limit the collection and use of Art Code Registered owners’ information to the minimum required to deliver service to Art Code Registered owners, including advising them about our changes in procedures, products, services, and other opportunities and administering the business of the Art Code Title Registry.
  • Art Code will permit only authorized employees who are trained in the proper handling of owners’ portfolios and membership to have access to information. Employees who violate the privacy policy will be subject to the normal disciplinary process.
  • As new technologies make themselves available the Art Code Title Registry will evaluate itself to ensure Art Code Registered portfolio privacy and notify you of any changes to this policy.


If you change your mind about the registration you paid for by credit card, and wish to eliminate it from your portfolio do the following. Within 48 hours of the submitted registration email us through the contact us page and we will credit your card the registration fee.


An Art Code Title Registration is not a copyright. Art Code Title Registrations are registration of ownership and should not be confused with copyright. To obtain a copyright go to Art Code Title Registry does not claim or imply that registration of works of art is proof of ownership or legally binds the ownership of any work of art to the registrant. The general public enters registration for works of art solely on their own volition. There is no required proof of ownership other than the transfer allowed by the current owner or originating artist. The information entered is completely up to the one listing the ownership a registrant is only receiving a registration number from the Art Code Title Registry that is assigned to the Title of the artwork that he/she claims they own. The Art Code Title Registry does not legally demonstrate ownership nor takes any legal position behind such but only registers the work for the public.

For more verification on ownership, the owner may enter photos, bill of sale, tax payments and any other document that would further verify ownership.

The registration should be used as a personal database for collectors, galleries, museums and originating artists to organize and track the works of art in their collection.

Security of information

To protect and preserve all registration information and ensure security and reliability, data is saved on multiple systems throughout the day and is ultimately archived in two secure physical locations.