Art Creators

Art creators:

Artists, Commercial Studios and Art centres.

No credit card required.

This is an opportunity to contribute greatly to the value of your work and invest in your future as an artist. By registering your work with Art Code, you will:

  • Capture personal commentary & the artist statement for each certified art work, which adds to your reputation as an artist and helps increase the value of each work, and your body of work as a whole.
  • Certify your work was brought to life through your own creative effort by signing the Art Code Registered Certificate to use as your Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Add value and add a connection to your artwork in the eyes of the collector who will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of your work.
  • Protect your artwork against fraud, as proof of provenance can be easily proved, or disproved with the use of the unique Art Code system.
  • Further bolster the history of your work, as the online record can be transferred to future investors as the certification remains with the work forever.
  • Attach photos and supporting documents such as an appraisal to the online record for further substance.
  • Create a reliable source of general information where art historians, journalists and researchers can easily access the general record while your sensitive information remains secure.
  • Provide a professional edge to your work through the documentation of each piece, distinguishing¬† it as having worthy significance and substance.
  • Differentiate your art from the flood of imported mass produced “originals” that do not come from legitimate individual artists.
  • Give clients confidence that they have made a wise investment from a credible artist who is actively developing and fostering his or her reputation.
  • Document your entire portfolio in safe and secure online records.
  • Take the pain out of insurance claims with the on-line documentation.
  • Provide your patrons with the added value of art certification.
  • Protect your work from fraud with the Art Code System that is impossible to recreate with 1+3 security:¬† three being optional – Nanotechnology, barcoding, QR code – in addition to the standard online record
  • Track and prove title ownership of artworks on loan or consignment, or when ownership transfers.

You can use each of these benefits to underpin your sales and marketing, which will help you sell more work, faster and for a greater value.