Art Investors

Art investors:

Art owner, private collectors, Museums, institutes and foundations, Universities and educational institutes, Government art collections, Business and Company art owners and investors.

  • Capture the art history of each work in your collection including details about the artist and each artwork’s origin and provenance.
  • Track art history
  • Document the art’s value and authenticity
  • Feel secure that your records for insurance are safely stored off-site and easily accessible for claims in case of artwork loss
  • Easily organize assets for financial records and estate planning
  • Establish and log asset value for financial statements
  • Create schedules for insurance purposes and estate planning
  • Enhance value with documented art history in a reputable database
  • Produce Certificate of Ownership as needed
  • Discourage theft
  • Attach photos and supporting documents such as an appraisal to the online record.
  • Keep all art collection documentation in one central secure and safe online record.
  • Excellent data security so you can maintain, privacy and anonymity with regard to access to sensitive information
  • Feel safe investing in reputable works of art and protect yourself against fraud with the Art Code System, which is impossible to recreate with the four levels of security. Nanotechnology, barcoding, QR code and online record.
  • Discourages theft, due to four levels of identification and tracking.

Does your collection have insurance covered for its value?

If fire destroyed your fine art originals and prints, wouldn’t you expect your insurance company to pay the current value instead of only covering the costs for canvas, paint and a few hours of applying brush strokes?

Of course, you would! But, surprise…

Most insurance companies will not pay the current value but an amount closer to the cost of raw materials – unless you could prove the higher value. Yet the disaster that took your art could easily claim your receipts or other documentation as well.

Register your fine art with Art Code: Art Code Title Registry and your asset records that document value and ownership remain safe and available from any computer. Your online records can include photos and supporting documents to permanently capture details for provenance, estate planning and asset statements.