Artwork suppliers

Artwork suppliers:

Art Industry Suppliers, Framers, Art Movers, Insurance Companies and Agents, Security Firms and Anti Fraud Enforcement Agencies.

When you purchase original art and numbered prints for your clients, register those pieces to add value to the service you provide and to the artwork itself.

Art Code Registered Art enables your customer to:

  • Document the art’s value and authenticity
  • Produce an inventory of valuable original art assets
  • Create schedules for insurance purposes and estate planning
  • Capture provenance and track transfer of ownership
  • Access secure, off-site records online
  • Discourage theft
  • Log asset value and details for financial statements, insurance rates and claims
  • Present your clients with certificates of ownership attached to the back of the works of art you provide – simply open a portfolio for each client and register the pieces of art for $20 each
  • Create an online fine art portfolio.
  • Art Code Registered art sells faster and commands higher prices
  • Enhance value, increase cachet
  • Increase customers’ comfort when they buy fine art
  • Document authenticity and value for insurance purposes; include a photo and supporting document if you wish
  • Create off-site records that are secure online in case of art loss
  • Print a distinctive certificate of ownership that becomes a new selling tool
  • Print a 3″ x 3″ price card showing registration
  • Track your inventory with detailed records
  • Avoid misunderstandings with artists over price and inventory
  • Give customers the benefits of Art Code Registered art when you transfer the ownership title
  • Provide provenance for future owners and include your business name in the “History”